A thought on pyramids EM funneling capacity and the bermuda triangle.

Well, first abit of evidence. Scientists found in 2018 that the pyramids in Giza can focus electromagnetic energy.

What happens if you put a compas on top of the pyramid? Would it spiral out of control?
I don´t know the answer to that question, I have not been ontop of it to test it and i have not found any google articles explaining said phenomenon. Should it however, hypothetically be as such, it might be possible to establish yet another hypothesis surrounding the bermuda triangle. It is said that there are pyramids submerged around the area. If those pyramids focus electromagnetic energy, I do not think it would be far fetched to believe that these pyramids could influence the magnetic properties of a compass which could be the cause for much of the wierd stuff that has been reported around the area. How much of the wierd stuff to believe? I do not know either…

The youtube channel Bright Insight has a mention of the pyramids west of cuba at timespamp 6.50

This arcticle is just a few thoughts I had on the possibility to explain the phenomena surrounding the “bermuda triangle”

addendum 2022:
Do not sleep on pyramids


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