Red Bull against voice hearing in schizophrenia patients

Sometimes Schizophrenia patients tell you things that you initially discard. For instance, a guy recently told me that Red Bull helped against hearing voices. He is a schizophrenia patient. I rejected the idea at first, thinking to myself “yeah right… as if red bull helps… ” After seeing how much he drank of it and also, the fact that he has given me a can or two over the last days days naturally lead me to satisfy my ever-present curiosity….

One of the active ingredients in Red Bull is Taurine, so naturally I googled Taurine+schizophrenia… Here is the somewhat unexpected, actually rather mindblowing result…..

Taurine schiophrenia google search

Now this was just a preliminary result. I will need to dig deeper and find the actual research on this. But I must admit, I was surprised that he realized that self-medicating with red bull actually helped him….


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