Learning two words in a foreign language pr. day keeps the doctors away :)

Well, I certainly do not know wether it keeps the doctors away, probably not, especially if you are in a mental ward and they are inspecting you for the onset of schizophrenia. If you speak the words incorrectly they could percieve it as “word salad” Not good…

Anyway, this time Polish…

“Thank you”, written in my personal phonetic is “Djing Qujem”
“Likewise’, written in my personal phonetic is “Nav Saijem”
“Yes” is “tack” It sounds alot like the danish word for “Thank you” Confused yet? πŸ™‚
“No” is “Niee” which sounds alot like the Russian word Niet, just without a t.

Dobre den πŸ™‚


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