When your old friends go completely bonkers.

Disclaimer: But something wierd has been happening in my old home town.

Some friday in October I went to a bar with a friend. He brought his cousin. We conversed abit about his cousins coming job and living situation as he was about to move to a neighbouring town. In fact it is the town I attended High School in.

After a Hefe Weizen I grew Ill from one of the beverages I consumed.

We met some colleauges of my friend, and my friend complained about their arrogant behaviour.
He ordered some beverages and my friend ordered some eggs. (Solæg) and he complained that they looked abit wierd. And I told him don’t eat them if they are wierd.

I felt a sudden urge to leave the bar, the atmosphere was abit chilly to say the least.

The day after I contacted friend, lets call him Jay pr. sms to verify that a conversation had happened with Jay’s brother.

To see how the night fared because those colleauges of his had been abit stressful for him, I had dreamt that they invited me and him to some meeting at Danfoss. A gathering with white tables and alot of wine and toxic water. It was a nightmare of some sort.

I drove by later and rang the doorbell, nobody answered the door. I left and suddenly the intercom/doorphone came to live and Jay’s wife, “Bee” was on the phone. I was puzzled because she said she was on the way to Universe and I could hear their kids in the background. I inquired if they were home, but it appeared as if they had some app on their phone so they could talk to people while driving in their car.

Bee explained to me they would be back later. I told her i’d be back later and everything was fine. Bee was in a seemingly good mood.

I decided to go to the “Garden Estate” to pick up some refundables, and decided to walk to get them. The distance not being that far away, and I felt like walking that day. I picked up the bottles, came back to the car and put the bottles in and drove to the nearest shop to return them.

Afterwards i decided to drive around abit, just for fun, and returned to Jay and Bee’s house. That’s when things got abit strange for me.

Bee started asking questions why i was at their home just when they arrived, it was as if they thought I had been waiting for them in a bush somewhere (with my car) to arrive at the same time as them. I was abit puzzled by the attitude which was rather hostile.

Then Jay started yelling at me to leave. He was also strangely aggressive about it.

I headed to my car again, puzzled about what had just happened and decided to continue writing a report on an event that happened at my previous workplace. After writing that which came to mind about that event, I decided to don the Oculus and look at some pictures and delete some videos.

I was parked on a public street. Suddenly Jay came out to me and asked me what I was doing. I explained that I was working abit. He told me that I should leave. I was puzzled again, I was sitting in my car, outside a neighbouring house on the public street. Free parking for everybody. No law against me parking there and I did not consider myself to be in the way of anybody at all.

Jay left again and came back abit later. He told me that if I did not leave now it would negatively impact our friendship. I was puzzled again… because uhm? Guys? What is going on?

Jay’s neighbour came out and talked to Jay. I packed up my things as good as I could and went to talk to Jay and the neighbour to figure out what was going on about this sudden agro. I should probably not have done that, because what came next was absolutely absurd.

I attempted to introduce me to Jay’s neighbour, who reacted very strangely to a streched out hand, and ran halfway up his driveway. Then he came back almost barking at me about recent breakins and burglaries. I ensured him I was nu burglar. Then he started telling me how Jay and his wife Bee was affraid of me. I was puzzled again… because as far as I know I have known Jay for close to 11 years, and I have never given them a reason to be affraid of me. So where did this sudden paranoia come from?

The water I had previously been talking about in this article? November 3rd? LINK

We were writing November 23rd 2022 and the article describes how the water might induce aggression paranoia and more.

Anyway, I left the scene and later I call a call from a police officer who explained that Jay and Bee had not been happy about my very brief visit. I was puzzled again because now things seemed to get abit out of hand.. I had done nothing wrong, I even had an appointment and then they get so spooked by an old friends appearance that was announced previously?

I don’t get it.. unless the water might really be abit nasty…


Cigarettes bnbnnbnbbbvfbvfb

Fatty oily mouth some kind of turpentine smell from

30th November
Rød Skjold, Oily stuff, harsh taste, more brownish filters than

1st of Decmber 2022
Kings Green (C382) Turpentinish taste. Problems concentrating after a few whiffs.
Kings Orange (C021) fatty feeling from filters, turpentine/nasty taste Bought Shell Krusaa.
Marlboro Red, untested. Shell Krusaa

2nd December 2022
Kings Orange (C021) Kliplev, Brugsen, Seems fine.

Warning signs. Collection

03-11-22 DBS all trains stopped Countrywide by hackers

30-11-22 Norway equipping personel for nuclear war.

16-10-2022 NATO practicing dropping “NUKES” on EU (training to slow down advance of RU troops and make the land/Infrastructure useless for RU after a successful invasion.)

Nordstream 1+2 sabotage in Danish Waters

FBI, China Threat. Cyberwarfare + attacks on academics and decisionmakers.

Threats Global Catastrophe. Nuclear War

2015 Sticky Notes of MLR

1982 Book, “Prophecy” TLOO 65.6 65.8

A pilot car almost ran me of the road. (Q1 2022)

One night I woke up, unable to fall asleep again. It was around 2:00 AM In Daneland.

I was heading to Aabenraa to obtain some cigarettes at the gasstation. It is a 24/7 open station, much to my delight.

Suddenly I was approached by a Pilot car with blinking yellow lights in the oncomming lane.
Suddenly he veered towards me, while staring directly at my face. I had to turn slightly to the right to avoid a collision and he almost rammed me of the road. My right tires ending up in the soft shoulder. (the grass next to the road)

It appeared the guy was somehow pale white, almost radiant, as if he was somehow glowing. I put it down as his dashboard or GPS lighting him up. Maybe he was being blinded by it or something, because that was crazy driving.

He eventually parked in a roundabout, blocking the lane I had originally been driving in.

I looked up on him again to see what was up with this guy, he behaved abit irrational with that driving style of his
I took another path, suspecting a Windmill carrying heavy haul truck to arrive soonish. Nothing arrived at all, and i continued towards Hjordkær on this route.:

I was slightly anoyed by this guys actions but did not want to interact with him, because what kind of psycho almost rams someone of the road? Having no proff I decided not to call the police and thought about getting a dashcam.

Eventually I got cigarettes, smoked a few and went to bed so I could go to work the next day.

The path the windmill transports usually take: (they do this at night where there is no traffic)