This is a non-profit webpage. Any commercials are put here by WordPress in return for offering me this free platform (blog). “Freemium”

Furthermore attempting to  bring real business to the Bitcoin / Altcoin communities. It is filled with scammers and they need to be removed.

Simplified, compressed business administration concepts.

People will have to conduct futher research on the topics I am addressing.
I use humour and sarcasm to teach to stand up and (ad)venture out into the world and experience new topics that is relevant for their respective projects.

To make it a Win-Win I use this blog as knowledge retention and learning compression. “Learn with the intention of teaching others”

Other entrepreneurs are also welcome to join.

I will attempt to connect contemporary business litterature with own observations and funny life moments and make it a story for people to laugh at. If people laugh they remember better 🙂

Furthermore, I will iron out some wrongs in this world. And I am starting with my hometown.

When I am done, I will withdraw back to nature in a Cabin in the wilderness. Living a self-sutained life in nature. That is where we come from, that is where I will go back and live the rest of my days in harmony with nature.

We are currently breaking nature!
Watch this video, maybe you will understand. I get the chills each time I watch it.



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