Defining yourself in an entrepreneurial venture. Part 2

Take this post with a grain of salt, it is over exagerated, but exageration improves understanding some say..

Risk prone! But don’t be a fool!

As an entrepreneur, you need to take risks. You need to be able to get out of your comfort zone and entrust people with tasks that you are incapable of doing yourself for whatever reason, lack of knowledge, anxiety to stand infront of crowds, there can be tonnes of reasons to delegate tasks that you are ill equipped to handle yourself. Many people with a fear of delegating tasks will end up attempting to micro manage each and every aspect of an organization, often loosing track of important details. The amount of information required to be able to understand every aspect of an organization can easily overwhelm and confuse you, if you are confused, how do you think the people you work with feel?

The people you choose to work with, read them intently, do not listen to what they tell you, look at what they are doing. Look at their eyes, learn to read body language, learn to identify danger and inconsistencies.

Steve Blank states that people who come from a dysfunctional family have a better chance to ignore distractions in the environment. However, coming from a dysfunctional family often means unresolved trust issues. These can block your way. Get rid of them.

PRINCE2 visualizes the overall concept as follows


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