The “Mon” Incident (June/July 2015)

R., D. and I were conversing outside UK. “Mon” came around the corner. She was in a hurry. She said she had to go change clothes and pick something up. She ran up, came back 20 minuttes later and explained how she was anoyed that her friends had not waited for her. However, none of us had seen or heard any friends. Was she hallucinating?

I found this in an old FB conversation with René.

DO you remember how the (bulgarian?) girl (“Mon”) was completely distracted(i meant confused/distraught) and could not find her friend that was never there?
Jun 18, 2015 11:23:07am

The (bulgarian?) “Mon” ran up to get something and came back 20-30 minuttes later
Jun 18, 2015 11:23:31am

wondering why the others had not waited for her
Jun 18, 2015 11:23:43am

In my oppinion, if we do not help people out now, they will all turn mental and schizophrenic
Jun 18, 2015 11:24:05am


The Power of Two.

“It takes two” and we catalyzed this in each other. We need to meet very soon. This war in ukraine is not going to be beneficial for us soonly 😦 Use whatever means you can to contact me. 🙂 🙂

We shall state two items of note. The first is the extreme potential for polarization in the relationship of two polarized entities which have embarked upon the service-to-others path. Secondly, we would note that effect which we have learned to call the doubling effect. Those of like mind which together seek shall far more surely find.
-Ra, a humble messenger of the law of one. 1982.

“I have known you my entire life.”
M to E in January/February 2015

Questioner: Then, with respect to the green, blue, and indigo transfers of energy: How would the mechanism for these transfers differ in making them possible or setting the groundwork for them than the orange ray? I know this is very difficult to ask and I may not be making any sense, but what I am trying to do is get to an understanding of the foundation for transfers in each of the rays and the preparations for the transfers, you might say, or the fundamental requirements and biases and potentials for these transfers. Could you expand on that for me please? I am sorry for the poor question.

Ra: I am Ra. We would take a moment to state in reply to a previous comment that we shall answer each query whether or not it has been previously covered for not to do so would be to baffle the flow of quite another transfer of energy.

To respond to your query we firstly wish to agree with your supposition that the subject you now query upon is a large one, for in it lies an entire system of opening the gateway to intelligent infinity. You may see that some information is necessarily shrouded in mystery by our desire to preserve the free will of the adept. The great key to blue, indigo, and finally, that great capital of the column of sexual energy transfer, violet energy transfers, is the metaphysical bond or distortion which has the name among your peoples of unconditional love. In the blue-ray energy transfer the quality of this love is refined in the fire of honest communication and clarity; this, shall we say, normally, meaning in general, takes a substantial portion of your space/time to accomplish although there are instances of matings so well refined in previous incarnations and so well remembered that the blue ray may be penetrated at once. This energy transfer is of great benefit to the seeker in that all communication from this seeker is, thereby, refined and the eyes of honesty and clarity look upon a new world. Such is the nature of blue-ray energy and such is one mechanism of potentiating and crystallizing it.

As we approach indigo-ray transfer we find ourselves in a shadowland where we cannot give you information straight out or plain, for this is seen by us to be an infringement. We cannot speak at all of violet-ray transfer as we do not, again, desire to break the Law of Confusion.

We may say that these jewels, though dearly bought, are beyond price for the seeker and might suggest that just as each awareness is arrived at through a process of analysis, synthesis, and inspiration, so should the seeker approach its mate and evaluate each experience, seeking the jewel.

E. if your stuff is moving get in touch with me

We shall state two items of note. The first is the extreme potential for polarization in the relationship of two polarized entities which have embarked upon the service-to-others path. Secondly, we would note that effect which we have learned to call the doubling effect. Those of like mind which together seek shall far more surely find.

Recently alot of my stuff has been moving around. Some stuff vanished completely, like most of my graduation papers.
Recently it has intensified. Things I move from House A to B will somehow end up back in House A.
Things vanish for a while and come back. Other things just vanish, without me having touched them, never to come back. I Initially thought people were stealing things from me, but it may not be so, look at the pointer below.

I noticed it started happening back in December 2014 after we met. I believe neither of our lives are what they used to be before our meeting.

We talked about parallel timelines back in the days, you drew this at a table in SDU when we were discussing it.
These notes were gone for years, I am happy they have returned and they are special to me 🙂

This started happening when we met and talked around October-November 2014 and continued. It has intensified recently.
It is driving me nuts.

I have this intuitive feeling that you and I are they key to stop this madness.

This is a pointer:
Have you ever had objects move inexplicably in your house? 
Have you lost something, only to find it in the most impossible place? 
Have you had an experience where you know you remember something, only to find out that it is incorrect or never happened?

(There were things written from my Facebook to you and others that I did not write…the last parts after June/July 2015 and some messages have changed completely or a little bit.
my account was hacked. I regained access now and cried when i read it. It appears to have been written by someone who is utterly clumsy and inept at English…)
If so, you may have experienced a reality shift. If you can learn to harness this power of reality shifting, infinite possibilities will open for you. 

It seems to be related to us meeting each other back in 2014. It takes us Two to stabilize this and create something new.

With Music:
Like you father once said
Life is not what you’re given
It is how you decide to live
On the path you have chosen
So together we’ll build a new world
A better world
We’ll build a new world
Our new world
I know you’re scared and alone
But we will face this together
Through the innocence in your eyes
They will live on forever
In their memory we’ll build a new world
A better world
Our new world
We’ll build a new world
A better world
We’ll build a new world
Our new world
Yeah together
We’ll build a new world
A wondrous world
We’ll build a new world
A bold new world

Magic mushrooms as cure for personality disorders

Repost Oct. 10th 2015

It would appear, that my wish to tear appart the medicinal industry wacko application of toxic chemicals, is slowly manifesting itself🙂

After conducting abit of research on the topic of psylicube cubensis (magic mushrooms/liberty caps) and their practical application in healing emotional pain and even personality disorders, I found something very very interesting. They can apparantly cure the deep emotional scars which appear to be the root cause for many personality disorders.

Over the course of aproximately one year I have been more or less silently observing people around me for behaviours that are abit different.

People who enter temporary catatonic state. Kinda like a very short trance where they switch from being present to being mentally absent for a while. How can I see this? Well, they usually just stare straight into the air not moving and not changing focus.

Some get caught and wander around seemingly absent minded (day dreaming)

The people who conduct this kind of behaviour are usually clustered. (groups)

After having talked to some of them, a persistent pattern of emotional distress had been found.

-Some cried unexplainably for apparantly no reason when they are alone.
-Some hear voices while not sleeping or dreaming.
-Some turn 180 degress and switch personality.
-Reduced social activity (staying at home, not talking to anyone but very few people with the same symptoms)
-Lack of motivation
-Inability to determine what is real and what is unreal. (I must admit, this is sort of a liquid concept these days.. reality that is.)
-Having terrible nightmares/insomnia
-Inability to recognize people and situations (amnesia)
-Disassociative behaviour (taking distance from certain things that invoke emotions that cannot be integrated into the self, and thus is dissasociated from, often creating a split personality trait. (Multiple personalities)
-Feeling possesed (taken control of)

Neither of the above symptoms could be explained by drug or alcohol abuse. Hence these issues are fairly serious and can seriously impact a persons private and social life.

I was intent on finding a cure for this aswell!

During my research on psylicube cubensis, I had a skype conversation with an Indian shamanic healer. He explained that many of those symptoms are in line with schizophrenia, but, that is mostly caused by the presence of “spirits” and can be healed.

He went on to explain how spirits can enter people during periods of emotional distress. He also explained how alcohol and certain medical components can cause further susceptibility to “possession” by spirits.

Spirits can jump from person to person, yeah well, in general he said they can be nasty critters, but they can be removed and should be.

The question of course arose: “How do I get those out of people?”

Well he explained the following:
The patient and the shaman both drink a tea of either ajhuaska, Iboga, Peyote or Psylicybin.

According to him, it grants “spirit vision” and as such the shaman can “conjure” or summon (make appear) other spirits of the good kind who can be “put into patients” to force the “evil” entity out. This is apparantly a painful process for the patient, mentally, but when its over, people report a feeling of a heavy weight being lifted of their shoulders.

What this essentially means, is that the medicine people get from doctors to treat the symptoms actually open up for the spirit gateway, so that nasty ones can enter. The underlying cause, the spirits themselves remain behind and wreck havoc.

I asked which spirits could help with such things. He said alot of indian names that I can’t spell. He went on to add old gods from various religions.

Now this was all facinating, but I still could not grasp how he could “put a spirit into someone” I was trying to imagine the scenario. An indian dude standing trying to stuff some creature into a person through the mouth…

He said is easy, the spirits are there to help and will do what they need to do. He said they come in various sizes, small and big. He giggled, some are bigger than a house but still fit in a human.

I found this very interesting. Hallucinogenics seem to not really cause hallucinations, but “clear vision” or clearsentience. He explained how he was always able to “sense” them but not see them without the teas.

The tea essentially gave him the ability to see what he could feel, and when it can be seen, it can be confronted/removed/put into someone etc.

So, the solution to developing schizophrenia is apparantly very simply:
Sip tea with a shamanic healer, have him “stuff” a spirit into you and relax till its over. Sounds simple…

As an added bonus, I got an answer I had been seeking for a while. Since he mentioned that spirits can jump from person to person, I inquired if that could happen if someone was conducting reiki on someone? He said yes, it is very possible, but, he went on to explain that it is the way he finds out how people feel and what they are suffering from.

What he explained was that when he was healing someone, he would be able to feel what the person is feeling. He explained how that was invaluable tool in finding the right spirit for the job.

Next time, I will write about my experiences in practical application and subsequently how spirits can “talk through you” (Being a psychic medium) and even make you do things. (control you)

The pieces are slowly coming together🙂

Returning to the same dreams multiple times after waking up.

REPOST from May 21st, 2020

Wierd… I never had this before. I start dreaming about something and wake up mid dream. I go get a drink of water, go to the toilet or whatever and go back to bed. Only to return to continue the same dream.

It has happened three times this month. The peculiar thing is, the same person appears in this dream in each of them. A week ago aproximately I woke up a total of four times, went to sleep again and the dream kept going again.

The person who pops up in these dreams was a bartender and university student I met in 2014/2015 her name is “E”. Back then she also appeared in my dreams quite often aswell. In one peculiar dream she had broken her neck prior to the dreams beginning and I somehow fix it in the dream. Wierd thing was, a few weeks later she had an accident involving her neck getting hurt. It happened the day after I talked to her about my dream. Really creepy! Our relationship was never the same after that incident. Sadly.

A few week ago Ms. “E” starts popping up in my dreams again out of nowhere. I mean I haven’t talked to her for 5 years.

In the first dream I have with her this month, we move into a new fictional dorm. She apparantly lives above me and keeps spying on me from the porch. At some point I try to talk to her but she is being ignorant of my presence. I wake up, go to the toilet, go back to sleep and im right back into the dream, driving my car outside the dorm getting a notice that she needs help getting home from another country as she is suddenly trapped in an appartment in China due to Internment. I begin driving there in my car from Denmark… LOOONG way but I wake up a second time before arriving and stay awake as my day begins.

#2 Dream
In the second dream some people with syringes try to inject her with something bad and I try to prevent it by flying around stealing their syringes.. Yes flying, like Superman 

 This dream I returned to four times after waking up..

Today she popped up in my dreams again, and this time I also woke up and went back to sleep only to continue the dream. This time she had issues with her boyfriend. Apparantly he though she was being too distant in their relationship and they had some sort of argument and apparantly

I was somehow drawn into that argument while helping them with some university work. I returned to this dream twice after waking up.

This has never happened to me before, returning to a dream after having awakened.

Anyone know any dream experts who can explain this to me? I was adviced to write down the contents of the dreams by someone who dreams alot. So, that is now done 

Supply lines, food supply issues. Russia

In 2015 I spoke to E and somehow I got the delsuion that I was Re.
It was a catalyst to find this material and it greatly interfered with building a relationship between M and E.

E: sorry to have misunderstood alot of what all of this meant back then. But you are still important, and I never could forget you. This, however, IS an issue right now and this book was written in 1982 and This is a quote from our facebook conversation 2015.

I need to talk to you about this. We have to help each other with something, that is why I am seeking you at the moment and I am personally running out of time healthwise.

65.8 Questioner: Are you saying then that this possible condition of war would be much more greatly spread across the surface of the globe than anything we have experienced in the past and therefore touch a larger percentage of the population in this form of catalyst?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. There are those now experimenting with one of the major weapons of this scenario, that is the so-called psychotronic group of devices which are being experimentally used to cause such alterations in wind and weather as will result in eventual famine. If this program is not countered and proves experimentally satisfactory, the methods in this scenario would be made public. There would then be what those whom you call Russians hope to be a bloodless invasion of their personnel in this and every land deemed valuable. However, the peoples of your culture have little propensity for bloodless surrender.

2015 sticky notes