A pilot car almost ran me of the road. (Q1 2022)

One night I woke up, unable to fall asleep again. It was around 2:00 AM In Daneland.

I was heading to Aabenraa to obtain some cigarettes at the gasstation. It is a 24/7 open station, much to my delight.

Suddenly I was approached by a Pilot car with blinking yellow lights in the oncomming lane.
Suddenly he veered towards me, while staring directly at my face. I had to turn slightly to the right to avoid a collision and he almost rammed me of the road. My right tires ending up in the soft shoulder. (the grass next to the road)

It appeared the guy was somehow pale white, almost radiant, as if he was somehow glowing. I put it down as his dashboard or GPS lighting him up. Maybe he was being blinded by it or something, because that was crazy driving.

He eventually parked in a roundabout, blocking the lane I had originally been driving in.

I looked up on him again to see what was up with this guy, he behaved abit irrational with that driving style of his
I took another path, suspecting a Windmill carrying heavy haul truck to arrive soonish. Nothing arrived at all, and i continued towards Hjordkær on this route.:

I was slightly anoyed by this guys actions but did not want to interact with him, because what kind of psycho almost rams someone of the road? Having no proff I decided not to call the police and thought about getting a dashcam.

Eventually I got cigarettes, smoked a few and went to bed so I could go to work the next day.

The path the windmill transports usually take: (they do this at night where there is no traffic)


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