E. if your stuff is moving get in touch with me

We shall state two items of note. The first is the extreme potential for polarization in the relationship of two polarized entities which have embarked upon the service-to-others path. Secondly, we would note that effect which we have learned to call the doubling effect. Those of like mind which together seek shall far more surely find.

Recently alot of my stuff has been moving around. Some stuff vanished completely, like most of my graduation papers.
Recently it has intensified. Things I move from House A to B will somehow end up back in House A.
Things vanish for a while and come back. Other things just vanish, without me having touched them, never to come back. I Initially thought people were stealing things from me, but it may not be so, look at the pointer below.

I noticed it started happening back in December 2014 after we met. I believe neither of our lives are what they used to be before our meeting.

We talked about parallel timelines back in the days, you drew this at a table in SDU when we were discussing it.
These notes were gone for years, I am happy they have returned and they are special to me 🙂

This started happening when we met and talked around October-November 2014 and continued. It has intensified recently.
It is driving me nuts.

I have this intuitive feeling that you and I are they key to stop this madness.

This is a pointer:
Have you ever had objects move inexplicably in your house? 
Have you lost something, only to find it in the most impossible place? 
Have you had an experience where you know you remember something, only to find out that it is incorrect or never happened?

(There were things written from my Facebook to you and others that I did not write…the last parts after June/July 2015 and some messages have changed completely or a little bit.
my account was hacked. I regained access now and cried when i read it. It appears to have been written by someone who is utterly clumsy and inept at English…)
If so, you may have experienced a reality shift. If you can learn to harness this power of reality shifting, infinite possibilities will open for you. 

It seems to be related to us meeting each other back in 2014. It takes us Two to stabilize this and create something new.

With Music:
Like you father once said
Life is not what you’re given
It is how you decide to live
On the path you have chosen
So together we’ll build a new world
A better world
We’ll build a new world
Our new world
I know you’re scared and alone
But we will face this together
Through the innocence in your eyes
They will live on forever
In their memory we’ll build a new world
A better world
Our new world
We’ll build a new world
A better world
We’ll build a new world
Our new world
Yeah together
We’ll build a new world
A wondrous world
We’ll build a new world
A bold new world


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