Returning to the same dreams multiple times after waking up.

REPOST from May 21st, 2020

Wierd… I never had this before. I start dreaming about something and wake up mid dream. I go get a drink of water, go to the toilet or whatever and go back to bed. Only to return to continue the same dream.

It has happened three times this month. The peculiar thing is, the same person appears in this dream in each of them. A week ago aproximately I woke up a total of four times, went to sleep again and the dream kept going again.

The person who pops up in these dreams was a bartender and university student I met in 2014/2015 her name is “E”. Back then she also appeared in my dreams quite often aswell. In one peculiar dream she had broken her neck prior to the dreams beginning and I somehow fix it in the dream. Wierd thing was, a few weeks later she had an accident involving her neck getting hurt. It happened the day after I talked to her about my dream. Really creepy! Our relationship was never the same after that incident. Sadly.

A few week ago Ms. “E” starts popping up in my dreams again out of nowhere. I mean I haven’t talked to her for 5 years.

In the first dream I have with her this month, we move into a new fictional dorm. She apparantly lives above me and keeps spying on me from the porch. At some point I try to talk to her but she is being ignorant of my presence. I wake up, go to the toilet, go back to sleep and im right back into the dream, driving my car outside the dorm getting a notice that she needs help getting home from another country as she is suddenly trapped in an appartment in China due to Internment. I begin driving there in my car from Denmark… LOOONG way but I wake up a second time before arriving and stay awake as my day begins.

#2 Dream
In the second dream some people with syringes try to inject her with something bad and I try to prevent it by flying around stealing their syringes.. Yes flying, like Superman 

 This dream I returned to four times after waking up..

Today she popped up in my dreams again, and this time I also woke up and went back to sleep only to continue the dream. This time she had issues with her boyfriend. Apparantly he though she was being too distant in their relationship and they had some sort of argument and apparantly

I was somehow drawn into that argument while helping them with some university work. I returned to this dream twice after waking up.

This has never happened to me before, returning to a dream after having awakened.

Anyone know any dream experts who can explain this to me? I was adviced to write down the contents of the dreams by someone who dreams alot. So, that is now done 


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