Supply lines, food supply issues. Russia

In 2015 I spoke to E and somehow I got the delsuion that I was Re.
It was a catalyst to find this material and it greatly interfered with building a relationship between M and E.

E: sorry to have misunderstood alot of what all of this meant back then. But you are still important, and I never could forget you. This, however, IS an issue right now and this book was written in 1982 and This is a quote from our facebook conversation 2015.

I need to talk to you about this. We have to help each other with something, that is why I am seeking you at the moment and I am personally running out of time healthwise.

65.8 Questioner: Are you saying then that this possible condition of war would be much more greatly spread across the surface of the globe than anything we have experienced in the past and therefore touch a larger percentage of the population in this form of catalyst?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. There are those now experimenting with one of the major weapons of this scenario, that is the so-called psychotronic group of devices which are being experimentally used to cause such alterations in wind and weather as will result in eventual famine. If this program is not countered and proves experimentally satisfactory, the methods in this scenario would be made public. There would then be what those whom you call Russians hope to be a bloodless invasion of their personnel in this and every land deemed valuable. However, the peoples of your culture have little propensity for bloodless surrender.

2015 sticky notes


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