Wierd experiences in concerning water/liquid quality.

Suspected effect of “wierd liquids”
Confusion/racey thoughts/
Memory loss (similar to retrograde amnesia)

Leaves a strange “oily feeling” on the back of the teeth and palate (roof of mouth) like as if someone ate Labello.

Observed in Wine, Water, Beer, Vodka, Milk. Tap Water,

Mass Delusions
In sociology and psychology, mass hysteria is a phenomenon that transmits collective illusions of threats, whether real or imaginary, through a population and society as a result of rumors and fear.

Mass Psychosis
Psychosis is when people lose some contact with reality. Mass formation psychosis is when a large part of a society focuses its attention to a leader(s) or a series of events and their attention focuses on one small point or issue. Followers can be hypnotized and be led anywhere, regardless of data proving otherwise.

Mass Hallucinations:
A mass hallucination is a phenomenon in which a large group of people, usually in physical proximity to each other, all experience the same hallucination simultaneously. Mass hallucination is a common explanation for mass UFO sightings, appearances of the Virgin Mary, and other paranormal phenomena.

observed @ locations

May, M. drank from the water in appartment, Rødekro
Michael feels some “stabbing” above heart, noone stabbed him though.

May, sunday Møllerup, @ Erasmus event with some dancing/salsa and some discussions about recycling
Michael Picks up hitchhiker in Rødekro at Shell, (Barfi) gives her a lift to Mellerup. Barfi invites M. to drop by following week.

Friday, late June
M. drops by after SDU graduation ceremony 2022 as he has nothing to do, and Barfi invited him, so he goes.
M. gets a brief introduction to the event which by some of the male guests, has a brief talk with the “head honco male organizer”

Michael gets a glass of water. tastes terrible. M. gets surrounded by three girls, gets a piece of orange from a girl wirth a turban. Bright blue eyes, looks asian, maybe makeup? Eyes seemed familiar to E’s
Michael and Barfi discuss “frames of reference” We talk about telepathy and quantum entanglement.

Michael decides to leave, Some blonde/whitehaired girl stares at michael while he is departing, very brief eyecontact. Michael heads to car taking a sample of the water in an empty water bottle.
Suddenly the organizer, a midaged man comes out yelling at michael to leave immediately and to remove the car. Highly over exaggerated reaction in michaels oppinion. Michael leaves.
Seems like some kind of sect.

Sept-May, Rødekro, Tap, vestergade
Sticky water, causes a certain amount of racey thoughts, inability to focus any task.

May, SDU, Male toilet, canteen, 2nd tap on left hand.
Feels oilated, but not sticky

June, Haderslev, Nordic Well 0.5 L bottled

Looks oilated, feels sticky.

July, Aabenraa Sygehus 55 tap
Water makes M. Puke.
Milk makes M. dizzy/unconscious.

Michael flees. (see events.odt but censor TPH related info.)
Police assists M. in getting out.

August, 1 week before J+C’s wedding.
M. meets C. outside Borgen, talks briefly to C. M explains M. is looking for E. C. says she remembers E.
C. states they still live the same place.

August, 1 week after J+C’s wedding.
Slight confusion about what happened, supposed J+C helped M. get in touch with E on video conference. Somehow memory of that is missing. M Tried to get confirmation from J, via J’s brother Jav.

October Friday 21st, Bar1
M. arrives to Bar1. Orders a Hefe Weizen beer. Tastes, heefe-ish. (normal for that type of beer)
Jav. and Art arrive. They order some wodden contraption with 5-6 small beers

Michael Inquires about Arkar, Jav notes he is with his gf, Pa. and wont come to Skaal.
All go outside to smoke
Jav talks about Drill platform experiences with life-boats and military excercises.
Discussions of arthuro how to get an appartment in Aabenraa.
Michael gets a cigarette from Arth.
M. starts feeling sick. Goes to toilet, jav. goes there aswell, asks if M. is ok.
M. has bad time on toilet.
M. gets a Whiskey to fix stomach, tastes fine no problem.
Leaving to Bar2.

October Friday 21st, Bar2
Jav colleagues treated Jav. wierd.
Vodka shot, feels thicker than normal, sends ”sharp feeling” upwards through nose in an unprecedented manner, as if it crawled up through the top of the mouth, to the nose, and into the forehead. M is warned by “earpiece” to spit it out asap.
Was immediately spat out.
Jav. mentions the eggs are different/ never seen them made in this way.
M. notices wierd ”sinister” ambience and decides to leave (does not feel good after the vodka)

October Saturday 22nd, Jav & Bea place.

M asks Jav to send a messenger message to J. to confirm or deny wether a webcam meeting has occoured as M. has memories of it, but is unaware if it is a vivid dream or not. M. unable to contact J. himself due to J. not picking up phone/answering machine as J. and c. are in mexico till 28th. M, was supposedly (according to dream) to meet T. at platform 11 at 24th of october. M. is unsure if webcam session with C, J, E and M happened or not.
M. parks car outside Jav’s place, goes to door telephone, intendts to talk to Jav about “wierd stuff at Sundhalle + confirmation wether Michael has had a web-cam session. Bea and Jav are on way to universe by car.. M. speaks briefly with them. Bea says they will be home later. M says allright, ill be back later. Bea in nice mood.

M. goes for a walk, leaves car to pick up empty refundable bottles in big plastic bag, puts bag in car. Drives car to fakta, returns bottles and drives around. Drives back to jav’s place. Meets Jav and Bea who just came home.
Bea seems surprised/fearful mood about MLR’s arrival which seemed to occour synchronisticly with their arrival. Jav screams at M. that he is busy. M. is puzzled at sudden change in behaviour, inquires if we could talk later. Jav screams some more. M. gets more puzzled, goes into car, starts working on laptop while parked on public street.
Jav arrives while M is looking at some pictures in his Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

J asks M to leave from a public parking lot or it would negatively impact their relationship. M. is puzzled as to why Jav. would demand that Michael leaves a publicly accessible parking space where M. is legally allowed to park. J. goes to talk to some paranoid neighbour who is affraid of breakins. M. goes out and attempts to shake the neighbours hand. Neighbour withdraws as if he felt threatened (paranoid).
Neighbour claims that Jav and Bea are affraid of M., even though M. and Jav have known each other for 13 years (2009?)
Jav screams at michael to take his car and leaves. Michael gets anoyed by Javier attempting to police a public street and refuses to be pushed around by seemingly paranoid neighbours.
Eventually michael drives 20 meters forward, parks car, finishes work on laptop/VR googles and leaves a few minuttes later.
Police calls and gives m a warning that Jav. and Bea. could demand a restraining order.
M. laughs with the policeman about the absurdity of the police even being called.

October 27th,
M. finally gets full control over his Gmail, twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts.
Lost domain: happyadministrator.com due to previous deep hack starting early 2022
M. sees Arka. who michael intended to talk to walk Westish away from Alsion.
Asks if it was ok to visit Ark. subsequent friday to discuss issues not to be named and get some advice later.

October 30th Sønderborg, Borgen.
Water seems thicker than normal, no special smell. Sample taken. Leaves hands feeling like they been lotioned.

October, 29th Haderslev, Nordic Well 0.5L Bottled.

Seems to have different viscosity. Bottle gathered and collected in bag with June bag.

October 30th, Fleegaard, 1.5L Coca-Cola.
After ingestion, leaves fatty/oily feeling in mouth but otherwise seems fine.

October 31st. Bottle delivered in Ark ”mail bin” @ SDU with two notes on it.
Asked arka. to taste it.

October 31st, Milk, Fakta, Sønderborg,
Strange sour taste, not normal. Arla Sødmælk.

November 1st, Borgen, Sønderborg
Samptels taken from tap after toilet water looks googey

November 2nd Lidl, Sønderborg
M. buys “Multivitamin Juice”, has strange oily aftertaste. M has sample. Needs to talk to Ark. about it.

November 29th
Fakta / Co-op 365 Co-op Cola Classic 2L sticky, thick consistency-

December 1st
Coffee Padborg (TAP)
Bottled water, Sønderborg, Kilde Væld B.king


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