2022…… God/Bad… I want you back in to my life!”

-March Someone called me “Back into their life” I tried to comply to that request.. started looking for E
-Then life turned shit

-Got poisoned by crazy beer and crazy cigarettes.

-my computers got hacked..tried to secure some data by driving to a hospital as phones were compromised.

-Had breakins at home. Stuff stolen. Ended up homeless…

-Drove to hospital 29th april, tried to give them Corp. Data backup tapes and asked them to call the police. They locked me up instead of securing data and decryption key… WTF…

-Met a doppelganger of myself in hospital… WTF…. looked like me, but not entirely. Had same soc. sec number (CPR)
hospital staff thought he was me and I was him so they forced me to take his medications and locked me up thinking I was him….

-Was accused of all sorts of shit that I never did but the other guy apparantly did…

-Thought i was going to die.

-Then they let me out after my boss came to save me sorting out my Identity.

-My car was stolen….

-Searched for it for a month.

-My car was recovered…

-Phones hacked, lost gmail, facebook, linked in on/off/temporarily.

-almost 4 month fight to get the above back…

-was told E was missing, searched for months, got back into hospital… wierd stuff happened…. cant find her..

-Computers hacked again… facebook lost AGAIN….

Pretty much sums up the last 6 months.

On the positive side, I haven’t smoked cigarettes for 4 days but I could really use one right now!


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