Dream/nightmare about a kidnapped friend and a guy desiring an “Ectomy”

Some kids, a guy, “A” and a girl “E”,  are missing a friend. Seemingly the friend has been kidnapped by “other people”

They: “a guy and a girl” who seem to be the main characters run around some kind of town with alot of old brick walls trying to find their friend. While trying to find their friend, the guy gets chased by a guy with two dogs. They start biting him, he calms them down. One of the dogs bites/snaps his right testicle. He calms the dogs down as if by magic and escapes. They run around again for a while, running through alot of rainway tunnels inside a city. There is some kind of fair with a marching band and some old trains driving around.

The guy steals a bike and they bike of in some random direction.

They arrive at someones garden and one guy goes into the house where he seemingly lives (i have no idea where the third guy comes from) The two others hide in someones garden crawling into what looks like a treehouse but is not as it is “semi underground”

There is a gun hidden inside the treehouse under a pillow. He goes in snatches a book, displays the book to the “camera man” which is seemingly the girl at this point (POV) and tells the camera. “I am going to get an ectomy” (removal of specific bodypart)

(talk to noone about it is the feeling I get)

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