Pink Floyd – Chapter 24 translated.

I will hereby give you my analysis of what the pink floyd text means from the perspective of the law of one / spiritualism / extracted mythical symbolics and i quickly mixed in, marvels infinity wars just for the spirit of things 🙂 Dr. Strange is not far away either.. This means I jump into a “role” of different perception so to say.. It is hard to conceptualize. This is essentially an “index page” and the links are meant to be followed before continuing reading this article. Otherwise I am affraid the connections cannot be established and you will read this page as “mumbojumbo”

It is likely, that no understanding will come from this unless the veil has been penetrated(suffering enough) OR sufficient data has been accumulated to recognize the archetypical patterns that exist inside/outside time/space and space/time. Even in “negative/timespace” It is a continuation written after December 2014 where I created my theory that certain people appeared to reach “enlightenment” after having suffered enough (Break on through to the other side) which is a terribly scary process…as there is a dragon between you and the goal, and that is yourself (Jungian Shadow). This hypothesis was entirely written for fun and not part of any university research, hence the structure might seem incomprehensible to some. I derived it from observing students at SDU over the course of 14 years in my spare time and from the lyrics certain artists produced that seemed to indicate a few things to me.


It would appear some people do this intentionally as per the theory previously mentioned

“So I wither
And render myself helpless
I give in
And everything is clear
I breakdown
And let the story guide me”
Dream Theater – Wither

A few things that might help you understand this are a few videos from Jordan Peterson. Mr. Peterson unknowingly explained details of the hypothesis so I did not have to read the books I should have read prior to coming up with all of this. Jordan read them and I extracted the meaning. There are overlaps between The 7 Habits of highly effective people -Stephen Covey with Jordans work, Cialdini gave me labels and names for conceptual patterns I had recognized in manipulative behaviour. This is where I detected the first patterns in personality disorders. Specificly the sometimes insane attention to god that some BPD patients experience and their manipulative nature. Negotiation and manipulative behaviour go hand in hand. Schizophrenics are even more entertaining!

He, Jordan Peterson, and another Doctor then presented me to Jung. I am a computer geek, I did not concern myself with such things untill I met this person but still no insight into Jung before 2015

I read about the personality disorders and started recognizing patterns in peoples behaviours and my own. I lacked the perspective of depth psychology and mythology. I had to catch  up on that the last years to understand what I had written or risk insanity, because “it was all backwards” 🙂 All I had to do was watch Jordan Petersons videos to understand my own hypothesis and put it into context. Because I attempted to explain this to people around me and failed. 1 guy has understood everything… 1 guy…

Required Knowledge: (it is required that you understand the concepts presented in the videos below, otherwise you will label me completely insane before learning anything. This is the EGO’s fear of death in a way and a natural reaction to encountering something so far from regular thinking patterns and paradigms. One must have killed the EGO to understand according to some scriptures.
“When the Tao is reached, universal mind can be understood.”The Way of Zen Alan Watts – If the tao is not reached, the opposite is true..logically

“Breaking the Fourth Wall” – Dream Theater (opening the 4th chakra/energy center, the heart)

I am a computer geek atheist, in Denmark…Europe is not very spiritual. I was in trouble from the beginning…

“You have to force yourself through the cognitive dissonance” – AngryAdmin

The videos:

Carl Jung was a Modern Shaman – Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson: Carl Jung’s Intelligence was “bloody terrifying”

Jordan Peterson: The meaning of life is not happiness.

“Between you and slaying the dragon stands an army of fear.”

Pink Floyd Chapter 24 – Interpreted from the viewpoint of the law of one.
The law of one is an interesting piece of material that seemingly seems to explain mythological and astrological concepts in a very complex language that I found highly intruiging. There is alot of Jung to be found in TLOO. There are also elements that I ignored because they did not, lets say resonate with me. UFO fx. The information though, can be extracted from other religious workings just as the material itself states. I did that from 2015 to to now essentially. If you use the combined material from Ra or extract the information by reading islam, christianity, buddism, hinduism does not matter. The answer will be the same. The Ra material just seems to have the most “clear cut” information available on energy centeres without too much “language barrier” I dont know, it resonates. If you read 1 religion you will have a perception problem (If you focus too much on one thing, you will lose perspective) – Zen. Sadly some religions restrict research into topics outside of their religion, and I find it peculiar that God should give people free will and then limit their free will. This, is commonly known as as attempts of “mind control” which is essentially the opposite of “free will”

(It may be noted that I stared at the lyrics for this songs for countless hours in December 2014-March 2015 trying to figure out their meaning I was seriously obsessing with it like never before..)

The Lyrics are in Bold, my interpretation after taking the viewpoint of TLOO is the rest of the gibberish.

A movement is accomplished in 6 stages.
(movement of kundalini/chi/”the force” is made possible by balancing 6 chakras/energy centers. Kinda like Dr. Strange (6 infinity stones in Infinity wars symblics) kundalini is said to be the power of creation itself or of the creator. Another name for this, is the philosophers stone, transmutation of self, intel. infinity.

“6 degrees of inner turbulence” – Dream Theater

The 7th brings return
the 7th chakra is the sum total of expression and needs no balancing,  It is the movement (reconnection to oneness/god/intelligent infinity/insert the distortion of choice) symbolized in infinity wars by combining the 6 stones which yield godlike powers.) This chakra balances is self in relation to the others. Thus it does not need inner working in order to function, as the workings have been done on chakra/energy center 1 through 6. You might end up like a healer, which was the case for me. Cognitive dissonance… I did not believe in  that..

The 7 is the number of the young light
again.. the 7th chakra shines the sum total expression of the mind body spirit complex
1+2+3+4+5+6=7 chakra is open a halo/disc over head “appears” which is apparantly not visble for “non-mystics”. This is not a math formula, but a symbol. In older times this was reflected with a wierd disc over the top of peoples heads signaling enlightenment. This can only be seen by those who have eyes to see. Mystics call this “third eye” which is represented by the 6th chakra. Unless the third has been penetrated (the EGO) obtaining eyes to see is difficult.

7 days of creation?
no, 6 days of creation 1 day of rest  which is a metaphorical representation of 6 chakras +1 which needs no work and then there was “light”

It forms when darkness is increased by 1
(Facing the Jungian shadow, diving into your deep hidden mind to discover yourself, facing your fears, learn that you are a monster. and get to know yourself as sokrates adviced us all to do.) You could watch this song to understand this part essentially.:

Jordan Peterson puts this well: “You cannot have respect for yourself until you know that you are a monster. Because you won’t act carefully enough.”  Darkness could also be likened onto depression. When depressed, darkness is increased +1 symbolicly. Ra explains that progress is often sprung from crisis. This could be the part in the movie infinity wars where this guy kills the girl (you must lose what you love the most, essentialy “yourself”, but in the movie it is simply the daughter which I consider an error in the movie itself. I say the same in my theory (suffer and grow/touch enlightenment for the first time) Ra is likeing that unto balancing the third chakra/energy center. If this is not done properly, one cannot channel the force/chi/heal etc. according to Ra and a few other mythical texts. One simply cannot experience mythical concept and put them into context. As the EGO constantly must be balanced and adjusted, one can quickly loose “insight” again.

“When superior people hear of the Way,
they carry it out with diligence.
When middling people hear of the Way,
it sometimes seems to be there, sometimes not.
When lesser people hear of the Way,
they ridicule it greatly.
If they didn’t laugh at it,
it wouldn’t be the Way.” Tao Te Ching #41

Going and coming without error
(inteligent infinity/energy comes and goes without error. The healer has no will and channels this energy which then does the working sortof – Ra, the law of one. So essentially it is a description of what the energy does (appear/vanish)

“mind is inherent in each electron” Freeman Dyson
Healers apparantly channel this theoretical “chi/kundalini/intelligent infinity/god force/the force” which does the healing working within the patient. Essentially the force guides the healer to do what he must do, and while this is going on, the healer is simply an observer, a conscious observer with ability to interfere and stop the thing at any time.

Actions bring good fortune

(Polarization is done through actions and the good fortune is, the coming to the next level of denseness above our own. 4th positive or negative, depending on your choice, represented by the fool #22 In Tarot) (heaven/hell) It is the fools journey to make the choice in third density. This is also called “the heros journey” Ra expands abit on this by adding elements of the collective unconscious becomming conscious. And why the hell not? somehow we humans became conscious didn’t we? The next step of evolution is a borg-like-hive-mind that is aware of itself as “unity”? Interesting..

“Light Therapy”

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow,” Helen Keller

(I discarded this sentence initially, It seemed irrelevant, it could have to do with “sun gazing” which is performed at sunrise and sunset when the sun is weakest, photons hit the retina in areas they would not normally hit because we never look over the sun, only under it, the eyes are part of the brain organ. It is not a separte part. One could say the brain looks kinda like a snail with two stalks with eyes on them 😀 This suppesedly was an anti-depressant technique that was used in ancient times.

The time is the winter month of soltice, when the change is due to come.
December is cold and dark in the north. Seasonal Affective disorder can enhance already present depression. This can lead to a “crash and burn” like state (lookup manic depression transition curve), which, if overcome yields a higher state than ever achieved. So it is said, at least if combined with the balancing of chakras as instructed in the first part of this highly peculiar song.

Thunder in the other course of heaven
(This one eludes me till this day, I know it somehow is important, but not specificly, I believe Jordan peterson holds the key with his analogy of humans being created in gods image, thusly we create order out of chaos and evolve)

Things cannot be destroyed once and for all.
(E=mc^2, The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. The Law of one states that you are essentially a being of infinity and you cannot be destroyed. You just forget everything before incarnating. Very anoying!

I naturally cried with Joy when Jordan Peterson explained the entire mess of information in a more structured way than I could do. Finally, I felt understood 🙂




This image is of a piece of paper I stared at for many hours in December 2014, and I just could not put my finger on it, but this was super important somehow. It turned out to be the conclusion of all of my research and it was staring me right in the face for 4 years…
Disturbed came to aid me aswell in August 2015 with their song “The light” it is essentially another version of the same story.:

If you read the lyrics you will find the crash and burn, facing the shadow and other elements.
Disturbed The Light Lyrics

Katy Perry made another version of the same story with “Fireworks

Tool explains parts of the recipe, namely facing the shadow in this song:

Addendum 13-05-2018
Someone else insight on this:
Barrett’s lyric to Chapter 24 seems to find solace in the “darkest moment is just before the dawn”, an American way of putting a similar sentiment that was expressed frequently by the Mamas & Papas during this period. However, the song seems to emphasize the singer’s low point, and like the Beatles’ Getting Better, shares in the feeling that it can’t get no worse. The first time the day and night metaphor arises Barrett only mentions the sunset. Afterwards, sunset is followed by sunrise. In the coda, the song remains in sunrise, repeating the word over & over, while Richard Wright’s wandering Farfisaorgan work evokes sunrays and the wonder of the recurring light, extending the sunrise theme beyond that expressed in the break. The two verses are accompanied by a Hohner Pianet that with its staccato notes sounds much like a plucked harp, and gives the I Ching text an appropriate antiquity and courtliness. The Hohner Pianet had previously been used by the Beatles on Sgt. Pepper for Getting Better and on some of their other songs, but its earliest pop appearance seems to have been with the Zombies’ She’s Not There. It was also used by the Lovin’ Spoonful in their psychedelic hit Summer in the City.


Oh, I also wrote this stuff in Feb 2015 😀 It was fun to read again! As it contains most of Hawkins newest theories





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