Pacifying a violent man – That’s the kind of Magic Michael can.

This story was retold to me by the bartender Rasmus of Heidi’s Beerbar in Sønderborg.

I was wasted that day and have poor memory of the event, but apparantly that did not keep me from working my magic on someone who was excessively violent on that day.

Here is how the story was retold to me:

Saying hi to a friend and Bartender at Heidi’s Beerbar. He opens up telling me how cool it was that I hypnotized and completely pacified some guy who was in a fight last weekend. (I dont remember it, i was drunk)

Apparantly I “told” him, to go sit down, relax completely and await being picked up by the police. So he did, if I got the story right.

I do remember the part where the police tried to move him and he was not particularly fond of that. He was still stuck in hypnosis and I had to go tell the police, sorry, I gotta wake that man up, I hypnotized him. I snapped my fingers and awake he was, ready for the police to take him away 🙂

Peace restored,
Admin happy 🙂

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