When everything goes wrong, continue – don’t stop!

I decided I wanted to go out Friday evening. Some servers had been playing nicely, the projects I am involved in are moving along, momentum has been added and thus they won’t be stopped. Thus it was time to kick back, relax and disconnect from reality. What better and self destructive way to do that then with alcohol?

Here is the breakdown:

16:00 Order 2x 2TB Harddrives at the local hardware pusher.
16:15 Drink beer with friend at bar, get tipsy.
20:00 Go home with the intention to shave and shower.
21:00 Start drinking Baileys and coffee.
23:00 Go to the bathroom.

The following events occured in unreal time in the Bathroom, living room and the kitchen.

Esentially what happened was, I undressed myself as I dislike small hairs in my clothing. I MUST shower after having hair clipped or I can feel every little piece of hair on my skin, very anoying and I will walk like a robot. Just like when wearing a sweater made of some wooly stuff that itches like nothing you’ve ever experienced!

I start cutting the hair and I am probably 60% done, I use a trimmer both for hair and beard. I am like 80% done with hair and 40% done with beard. Then the phone rings.

I rush out of the bathroom, slightly amused that I let myself interrupt in my important and urgent task of hair clipping, grab the phone and start talking to the person in the phone. Slightly drunk conversation, very amusing aswell.

After 10 minuttes on the phone, I return to the bathroom to resume trimming hair. But wait, where is the trimmer? It had vanished! We all know that nothing can vanish. Things change location or transform into different matter or energy, apparantly, this trimmer was violating the laws of physics. It had truly vanished. I spent 45 minuttes searching for the thing before giving up and concluding: “oh well, I will go out like this tonight!”

I was inches away from becoming anoyed of the situation. I took charge of the anoyance and pushed it away, I took a shower, got dressed and went out looking like a (insert offensive word here) . In fact just look at the pictures below. Beware, these are my absolutely first selfies ever!

untitled1 Untitled2
Many would argue it is impossible to go out like such. It is, if you are scared of what other people think about your haircut. If you don’t feed your inner wolf of fear it will starve and vanish. In business you can end up in situations where something “cannot be done” Do it anyway, the only reason something cannot be done is if you are scared of doing it. That makes it a YOU problem. They are easy to fix, just change them!

I ended up going to three bars, noone mentioning anything about the wicked haircut. Actually it was one of those “another awesome night out” with absolutely no let downs 🙂 Massive amounts of dancing and hillarious conversations. Much fun, much pleasure!

I am not entirely sure it is a good idea to show up like this to a business meeting, that would have to be tried out. I am sure there would be some wicked looks from the other side of the table 😉

The breakdown:

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.” – Mark Caine

*Today I found the trimmer after another hour of searching, it had unvanished and placed itself wrapped in a tovel in the dirty clothing bin.


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