The easter bunny is hiding something!

Ok, there are so many conspiracy theories out there that I want to make one myself. It is about something as cute as Rabbits.

In latin, Rabbits are Called Lagomorphia.

We all know that “morph” is changing something. Like in photoshop when you morph something into something else.

Lago is a misinterpretation and a terrible spelling mistake made by the ancient latin-language creating people, so a translation from langoliers became lago instead of lango.

This explains how a single rabbit can devastate an entire garden with tulips and other greeneries in just one night! They made my mon cry many times during my childhood. They simply ate all her flowers!

This essentially means, that Rabbits are shape-shifting Langoliers that eat flowers.


This is what they turn into while they are eating your flowers at night. They are very shy and will instantly morph back to rabbit shape a millisecond before anyone sees them. Very deceptive beings.

Gnags: De vilde Kaniner

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