What is all that junk inside your trunk?

Well, people usually commented on my trunk, whenever i opened it. Yes, its the trunk of a car, if you thought about something else, I am sorry to disapoint you.


The junk inside my trunk is called “Proactivity”
Other people would call it: Oil, water, servo fluid, brakefluid, gaskets, brakepads, oil lines, fuel filters, spare tire, hydraulic jack, 4x jack stands etc..

Many times I heard people say, why don’t you clean up that trunk of yours? it a big mess. They are wrong! Cleaning it up means reorganizing and moving the items from one place in the trunk to another place in the trunk. The items I put there MUST be there. So.. moving them around in the trunk just to move them around, does not make much sense! Hence they stay there.

I have a nice little curtain hiding it all anyway!

Yes, I carried a vast array of spareparts in the trunk of my car. I am a driver if I stop driving I stop being what I enjoy to be. Then I become a mechanic. Without the junk in my trunk, I could also end up just being in “wait-state” which is something I really dislike. While I wait someplace for assistance, nothing else can be done. Time is wasted.

Apply proactivity to every aspect of your life and alot less time will be wasted. Sure, I cannot carry that much cargo in the back. But hey, who does that in a Supra anyway?

Manage your time efficiently.

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