How to deal with irrational people

Yes, don’t you love those kind of people who attempt to take control over your actions by attempting to force you into rejection? Irrationality can be amplified greatly by doing drugs or alcohol and withdrawal psychosis, but it can also persist in people who are perfectly sober. And that is what I would classify as a clear case of Borderline Personality Disorder (Diagnostic manual for mental disorders). Sadly these people usually attach themselves to deeply good hearted people and create tremendous amounts of chaos and stress in good peoples lives. I have been there, I have experiened this on my own body and I let it happen. They weave a web of lies to gain allies to fight you. Wether the threat they percieve is real or not.

So, now a look back in time, aproximately 1 month.

I was at a gathering with friends and I start to talk to this girl, she asks me where I am from. I am the kind of person who does not see country borders as a definition of where I am from. I am from Earth. However, jokingly I told the girl I was from Russia. I actually thought everyone knew that I am a Danish citizen, but at that time I was learning the Russian language. After a while I said I was from another country, again jokingly. Apparantly, the girl has absolutely no humor and cannot handle that joke, and percieved it as a rejection of her persona. She responded: “Why are you lying to me? I thought we were friends..” At that time, I knew that person and her entire childhood, her school experiences and well, her internal workings. 30 minuttes total time spread out over 1 month, that is how much contact we had. That is a quickly established friendship.

The next thing that happened told me everything I needed to know about this person. She was not drunk, and she started rejecting me intentionally. People with BPD do that when they are sober and undrugged. It is a persistent pattern.

They reject you so that you have to fight back to get them back into your lives, if you are a good person, you might want to straighten out the problems and be at peace again. Not possible. Their behaviour will continue in this pattern untill they realize they have these problems.


I guess “aprox 1 hour” was too long time for this guy to wait for me to reply. He needed an appartment right here, right now, at 00:10 AM

So this person writes me on facebook. He needs an appartment. He is living together with someone at the moment, and I am fairly certain that this person is feeling the “heat” of this persons personality disorder. It is sad.

I am a writer, if you are reading this, you obviously noticed that. When I have an idea I MUST put it down RIGHT here RIGHT NOW! Not in 30 minuttes and not tomorrow. When I was done writing the two articles #1 and #2 I turned back to the person with intention of posting a facebook status, stating that this person needs an appartment, according to his specifications. I wanted to tag him in the post so that people with free apartments to let could contact him, but I was not able to tag him. I was wondering why? Was I mispelling his name? I went back to the chat conversation I had with him on facebook and found he had unfriended me.

I hope the person living with this guy realizes that it is better to move away, sooner rather than later. Do NOT let him destroy you. He has the capacity to do so! These are not Neutrons, these are “electrons” and absorbers (eg. not fissile),  If you kick an electron out of your life you will become positive:

Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar.
One says, “I think I’ve lost an electron.”
The other says, “Are you sure?”
The first replies, “Yes, I’m positive…”

How to deal with a person like this? They are abusing you, they are boxing you in attempting to control you. EVADE….EVADE…EVADE, AVOID AVOID AVOID. Never go back! Remember that drunk people can end up in temporary state like this, look at their sober state. Do NOT fall for their crap. They are vicitmizing themselves.

There can be no relationship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity. -Samuel Johnson
This person lacks all 3 and thus cannot have meaningful relationships.

Read more about BPD here:

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