Beer delivery too slow in the bar? Generate a business model

Imagine you are at a university. There is a huge galla-party and everyone wants to get drunk.
You are first in the cue to obtain beer. You have been standing in line for 10 minuttes as you tried to get the bartenders attention. You order 5 beer as you don’t really wanna waste another 40 minuttes waiting to obtain the rest of the beer plus you save 2 USD

5 beers 8 USD
1 beer 2 USD

This is where things can change in a matter of seconds. A business model was generated. A short lived one, but still, it’s a business model.

I negotiated with the guys behind me to buy the beer for 2USD  from me,  faster than they could obtain some themselves in that moment in time. I got the bartenders attention already, I am first in line, everyone else are behind me. If I do not move out of the way they wont get beer. How can you stay in the cue? Buy more beer and sell more beer!

Generate, execute!


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